[mythtv] scheduler bug thread on mythtv-dev

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Thu Mar 11 23:52:51 EST 2004

> I've been using auto-skip ever since the day you added the "O"
> menu and I believe I've only had to turn it off three times since.
> I have to believe that signal quality and black level cutoff
> (brightness) during recording affect blank detection. In fact,

Yeah, it works almost perfect for most shows my wife and I record.
That's part of the reason I haven't been highly motivated to enhance
the current code so it's coming along slower than the initial detection
coding I did.  My blacks come out very well, maybe amp I have on the line
helps eliminate fuzzy blacks and helps make them more consistent.  I
do plan on adding true "blank" detection code at some point and not just
"black" frame detection as it really is now.

> BTW, I forgot to mutter in my sleep that "Oblivious" has unique
> episode descriptions with no subtitle for this year's episodes but
> subtitles for last year's: 
> mysql> select subtitle,description from program where title="Oblivious";
> +-------------------+------------------+
> | subtitle          | description      |
> +-------------------+------------------+
> | Ump Certification |                  |
> |                   | Karate sensei.   |
> |                   | Butler.          |
> |                   | Adult movie P.A. |
> +-------------------+------------------+
> 4 rows in set (0.00 sec)
> So now I've seen one like this =).

:)  When I typed my last reply to that the scheduler thread, I had originally
put in an example like this from "Friends" which my wife records, but
figured it wasn't a big deal since I can fixup the minor annoyances like that
with a sql script that runs after mythfilldatabase every night. :)



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