[mythtv] [PATCH]Mythweb category fix

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Thu Mar 11 23:03:52 EST 2004

> The attached patch fixes some bugs in the category display (the colors of
> the blocks) in Mythweb:


> Remaining issues:
> - a separate 'amusement (dutch)' (variety in English?) category is missing
> and is now classified under 'misc' just as 'informatief (dutch)'
> (infotainment in english?).

It's easy enough to add another category, although it would be much less
work to find an existing category that these might fall into...

> - I noticed that in the English and Dutch language files also German words
> for the categories are listed. Would it be more convenient to add the Dutch
> words also to the English file so that people can use the English theme but
> still have the categories listed with the right color?

I'm really not quite sure why the categories got split out into
different languages.  My original hope was to keep them all together. 
So yes, it would make a LOT more sense to merge them all.

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