[mythtv] mythtv presentation at the CeBIT

eric moors ericmoors at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 11 08:02:24 EST 2004

>I will be presenting a mythtv box with two PVR 250 cards at the CeBIT
>(Hannover, 18th to 24th starting next week).
>I have been playing with CVS from March the 4th. I am having some
>problems with recording while watching and switching channels
>etc. Should I back up to 0.14? What is your recommendation in general?
>Will any of you attend the CeBIT?

Yep. Will be there on the 18th.

>P.S. Has anybody a channel list from Hannover's cable TV?


Not sure though whether it is correct though. (I am not from hannover)


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