[mythtv] Logo Detection Segfault/structure

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Wed Mar 10 23:46:23 EST 2004

> I've been trying out the logo detection method of commercial skipping, and
> have had it frequently segfault when a new recording starts.  There was a
> backtrace posted recently by Christian Hoenig (so I won't post a new one
> unless requested) appearing in CheckStationLogo(), that shows a segfault

No backtrace needed.  Thanks for tracking this down.  I have been a bit
busy lately and hadn't been able to spend a lot of time on Myth.  I just
committed a fix to CVS, can you update and see if that fixes the problems
you were seeing.  I added some checks into the code

I have some other ideas on how the detection is setup at record time for
software encoding but am going to think about them a little before changing
anything else.  Right now the scene change detection code is run during
recording time as well but the information isn't used.  I'm debating whether
to disable that or change some things around to make use of that info.
I don't want to start putting too much detection in the main recording loop
because that could impact cpu usage during recording negatively.



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