[mythtv] High CPU usage during playback.

Neil Whelchel koyama at firstlight.net
Wed Mar 10 06:20:55 EST 2004

I have been having some issues with my 1Ghz VIA CPU keeping up while
playing back pre-recorded videos (100% CPU usage with video pausing a few
tenths of a second every second or two), however it does fine (40%)
playing live TV.
It seems that the issue is that the player thread in both cases uses
around 38% CPU.. But the main thread uses about 2% while playing live TV
and about 62% while playing something pre-recorded.
Upon digging around in the source I found that while the player is running
while in live TV mode the main thread loops around calling
usleep(100000).. While it is playing something pre-recorded it loops
around calling usleep(50)..
I changed the latter to usleep(100000) which corrects the playback issue
and CPU usage.
Is there a reason that this sleep is so much shorter?

-Neil Whelchel-
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760 366-0145
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