[mythtv] Slave backend problems with livetv

Daniel Sangenberg daniel at sangenberg.se
Tue Mar 9 15:50:33 EST 2004

Joseph A. Caputo wrote:
> I don't think you quite understood me... if you start watching LiveTV
> on a channel tuned by one of your PVR-x50 cards, then you cannot
> switch to a DVB channel simply by entering the channel number of one
> of your DVB channels; you *must* use the 'Y' key (or whatever you
> have bound to the SWITCHCARDS command) to switch cards first.
> Likewise in reverse... if you start watching LiveTV on a DVB channel,
> then you need to press 'Y' to switch to one of your PVR-x50 cards to
> tune non-DVB channels.  You may have to press 'Y' more than once,
> since you have 3 cards.  Even then, if your DVB card is busy
> recording something, it will never switch to the DVB card even if you
> press 'Y', until the DVB card is finished with any scheduled
> recordings.  IIRC, when you enter LiveTV mode, it chooses the first
> available card it finds, ordered by the card ID in the database.  So,
> if the slave backend (with the DVB card) is up, and the DVB tuner is
> free, *and* the DVB tuner is the first (or only) non-busy tuner, then
> LiveTV will start up with DVB channels.  If, however, the DVB tuner
> is busy, or is defined after one of the other tuners and one of the
> other tuners is available, then LiveTV will start up with PVR-x50
> channels.  Capisci?

That i did not know, but pressing 'Y' only jumps between the PVR-x50 cards
but i think it does try to switch to the DVB card since i get a
QUERY_REMOTEENCDER 1[]:[]IS_BUSY in the log file if i start mythbackend
with -v all


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