[mythtv] FYI: XVMC (5336) lockout

Simon at the Threshold dweller at the-threshold.org
Tue Mar 9 03:37:24 EST 2004


I'm used to video playback bombing but I had a particularly nasty one 
last night. I was fast forwarding through some adverts and I got a a 
static XVMV blue screen. THinking the backend/frontend had crashed/hung 
I went to reset the programs.  Frontend was looping with a "XVMC no 
video buffers available error" and the problem didn't go away with a 
restart.  Thinking I'd discovered some new glitch I switched to xine in 
xvmc mode (same thing) I then switched to xv mode (same thing) finaly I 
(and with a very unimpressed girlfriend after 15 mins) and after 
restarting the X server a couple of times we watched the remainder of 
the show using xine in xshm mode.

Appears the nvidia card had been got into a unuseable state (for xvideo 
and XVMC!), reloaded the nvidia module didn't help but a cold start on 
the entire box did!.

I've still got the nuv that did it so I guess I could see if its 
reproducable if anyones interested?.

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