[mythtv] anyone with mythtranscode issues, please read

Bruce C. Dillahunty bdillahu at peachbush.com
Mon Mar 8 16:48:47 EST 2004

> First off, I'm sorry for this complete waste of bandwidth, but I have
> been on hiatus for the past month, as I had some higher priority tasks to
> take care of (getting married and going on my honeymoon),

Boy, what a slacker (just joking!!!).


> I'd recommend reiterating your problems either to this
> list, or in a personal mail to me.

Well, the only problem I've had is MPEG2->MPEG2 transcoding to get rid of

It does (get rid of the commercials), but... after the first "cut" it
"stutters" very regularly... every couple of seconds it hiccups on

I think other's reported this a while back.

I'm running fairly current CVS with a M179 capture card and playback on a
NVidia GForce.

Let me know if I can provide something to help!


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