[mythtv] High CPU usage with CVS version

D Banerjee davatar at comcast.net
Mon Mar 8 10:35:51 EST 2004

> Wow.. the frontend on my Athlon XP 1900+ usually sits at about 15% when
> playing MPEG4 (720x576 @ 25fps).  And X usually soaks up 5% (nvidia
> drivers).  How do you manage to get down to close to 0%?  (my CPU usage
> has been pretty much the same on the frontend through all versions,
> although the X usage was a lot higher when I was using an S3 card instead
> of the nVidia MX440)

Must be Xv support. I am also talking about playout only. If I'm recording
also I used to notice about 10-20% increase in cpu usage on the athlon 1300.
I'm also only playing out 640x480 :( Also I haven't really looked at X cpu
usage before because it was nothing significant. It is now however. This is
with no post processing at all.

Usually the pattern is a little 2-3% blip every 10 seconds or so looking at
gnome system monitor applet, the rest of the time it's zero.

I think this weekend I will try reverting back to the release version and
see if this is all my imagination or what, since I'm looking at the cpu
usage on a different machine now.

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