[mythtv] Strange scheduler bug

steve at nexusuk.org steve at nexusuk.org
Mon Mar 8 06:06:41 EST 2004

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On Sun, 7 Mar 2004, David Engel wrote:

> > It recorded ER ok, but then once ER finished, it decided to start 
> > recording 24 even though it was already half an hour into the program.  
> I hadn't considered this case, but I can see why it happened.  The
> question now is does anyone consider this a feature and want it left
> unfixed?

It'd be a nice feature iff:
 - The partially recorded show is highlighted in the "Watch recordings" 
and "Delete recordings" so it's obvious it's only a partial recording
 - The partial recording doesn't count as "previously recorded" so it gets 
rerecorded when it is repeated later in the schedule (it'd even be nice if 
it nukes the partial recording after doing the full version.

While we're on the subject, one thing I thought about recently is that 
it'd be nice to differentiate between auto-expired recordings and 
manually deleted recordings when deciding what was previously recorded - 
i.e. if something is scheduled for recording that has previously been 
recorded and then auto-expired (so I never actually got chance to watch 
it), I might want to have to rerecord it for me rather than treating it as 
a rerun of something I've already seen.

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