[mythtv] Additional video out

Simon at the Threshold dweller at the-threshold.org
Mon Mar 8 05:52:51 EST 2004

Ivor Hewitt wrote:
> On Monday 08 March 2004 08:05, Simon at the Threshold wrote:
>>I was wondering what would the be technical chalenges implementing a
>>xine-lib/mythtv video-out/audio-out module?.  I've had a look at some
>>existing videoout classes and they don't appear to be rocket science but
>>  I'm not sure from my code-surf how mythtv does its audio?
>>Apols if this is an entirely dim idea!
> Why not just post the backtraces for the crashes and get the bugs fixed? :-)

Last time I posted a frontend dump in the xvmc codec I got the 
impression it was up to me to find a fix.  Saddly I don't have an 
incredible ammount of time to devote to out-of-hours development but I 
do try..

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