[mythtv] seg fault on xbox.. backtrace enclosed

Isaac Richards ijr at po.cwru.edu
Sun Mar 7 00:05:12 EST 2004

On Saturday 06 March 2004 09:26 pm, Kirby Vandivort wrote:
> Lately (last week or two) my xbox has been segfaulting on me when I exit
> a recording.  Doesn't seem to matter if I let the recording play to the
> end, or if I hit the escape key.
> I suspect that the problem is related to the invalid socket 19 message.
> It isn't always socket 19.  A couple of nights ago i noticed that it
> was socket 16.  BT below is cvs from yesterday.

Can you try to reproduce with current CVS?  Not sure if what I changed is it, 
but I think it's likely.  Wasn't a recent change, though...


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