[mythtv] [PATCH] added dvd burning section to doc

david.blevins at visi.com david.blevins at visi.com
Sat Mar 6 18:14:47 EST 2004

I grabbed the text from that great thread on dvd burning and threw it into the sgml doc.  Patch attached.

David Blevins
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Index: mythtv-HOWTO.sgml
RCS file: /var/lib/mythcvs/mythtv/docs/mythtv-HOWTO.sgml,v
retrieving revision 1.220
diff -u -r1.220 mythtv-HOWTO.sgml
--- mythtv-HOWTO.sgml	27 Feb 2004 02:53:01 -0000	1.220
+++ mythtv-HOWTO.sgml	6 Mar 2004 23:10:48 -0000
@@ -5271,6 +5271,46 @@
 high-speed modes, or proprietary 802.11b "Turbo" schemes should be
 adequate.  Multiple wireless frontends, poor signal strength or other
 factors can severely impact the viewing experience on the frontend.
+<sect1>How can I burn shows that I have recorderd to a DVD?
+<p>Assuming you've recorded in MPEG-2 from a PVR-x50, you have to at
+least remux the file to be dvd compliant.  Then you'll use dvdauthor,
+and finally I use mkisofs to make the ISO image, and dvdrecord to burn
+that to a blank DVD-R.  This script does the trick:
+mkfifo aud0
+mkfifo vid0
+mkfifo dvdmpg
+mpeg2desc -a0 < $1 > aud0 &
+mpeg2desc -v0 < $1 > vid0 &
+mplex -f 8 -V -o dvdmpg aud0 vid0 &
+dvdauthor -o $2 -f dvdmpg
+dvdauthor -o $2 -T
+rm aud0
+rm vid0
+rm dvdmpg
+Pass it the .nuv file and a name for the new dvd project.  You should
+end up with a directory which you can mkisofs into a ISO then burn
+it. The requirements are mjpegtools (provides mplex) and dvdauthor
+(provides mpeg2desc and dvdauthor).
+It's also possible to pipe the output of mkisofs directly to cdrecord
+without any file being written to disc.
+An example:
+TSIZE=`mkisofs -dvd-video -udf -q -print-size .`
+mkisofs -dvd-video -udf -V "$1" . | nice -10 cdrecord speed=1 dev=1,1,0 \
+driveropts=burnfree -dao -v tsize="$TSIZE"s -
 <sect>Example Configurations.
 <p>This section contains configurations which you may find useful.
 <sect1>Hauppauge PVR-250/350 hardware MPEG-2 encoder. <label id="pvr250">

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