[mythtv] bttv recordings run fast

Torbjörn Jansson torbjorn.jansson at mbox200.swipnet.se
Sat Mar 6 12:56:25 EST 2004

mythtv-dev-bounces at mythtv.org <> wrote:
>>  I'm not using btaudio and everything was fine until upgrading cvs,
>>  so something changed in February to cause it. bttv has always seemed
>>  somewhat flakey on my system, however. I often have the problem of
>>  fast forwarding causing the video to loop back to a previous point
>>  in the recording, but only for the bttv recordings, not the pvr-250
>>  recordings or pvr transcoded recordings. I've considered upgrading
>>  to bttv 0.9.x, but I don't see how this particular problem with the
>>  speed could be a bttv problem since it works fine in windows.
>>  I'll try the "use video as timebase" option and see what happens.
>> Are  there any other ideas? 
>>  Thanks, Bob
> Bob, I get the same thing sometimes.  I've found if I fast forward or
> rewind it will fix itself.  I've used the video as timebase
> option and
> found that it warped the audio to where it was out of sync with the
> video.  But only by enough to be annoying.

Sounds similar to a problem I noticed with nuv files that I had to fix in
the windows filters.

Sometimes the audio (maybe video too?) timestamps is realy weird, they start
of with some realy large number and for a few frames they increase and then
they are reset to zero and continues normaly.

The problem with this with the windows filters is that they expect the audio
timestamps to always increase but since the timestamps made a big jump down
the audio woud pause.

Before I fixed this, seeking made audio come back again.

I send a mail about this to this list some time ago, with a sample output of
the timestamps.

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