[mythtv] No version info in firmware

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Fri Mar 5 18:51:57 EST 2004

That'll teach me to post at this time in the evening. Apoligoes 
everyone, lets try dvb list instead this time shall we ;)

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On Saturday 06 March 2004 00:16, gazzer82-lists1234 at mailblocks.com 
> Hello
> What am i doing wrong?? I have 2.6.x.x kernel with dvb compiled in and
> hotplug with firmware.agent e.t.c.but when i boot and check dmesg, it
> seems that firmware.agent cannot find the firmware. I have placed it 
> the locatio specified and chmod 755, but it will not see it. Am i 
> really dumb??

Yup, your even posting to the wrong list!


ke-aa at frisurf.no
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