[mythtv] Suggestion for scheduler

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Thu Mar 4 13:11:22 EST 2004

Joseph A. Caputo wrote:
> "Record when shown on this channel every {morning/afternoon/evening/
> primetime/late night}"
> With the times for the above being user-defineable.  So, maybe defaults 
> would be:
> morning = 0700 - 1200
> afternoon = 1200 - 1700
> evening = 1700 - 2000
> primetime = 2000 - 2300

Of course, this wouldn't do well with a show at noon that might
be 11:55 or 12:05. The time frames should probably overlap.

There are some shows that are on at a regular time every day then
rebroadcast several times. For example, The Daily Show is on at
11pm, 1am, 10am and 7pm. There is never any episode information
for duplicate matching but we know that 11pm is a new show and
everything within 24 hours is a repeat of that day's show. Same
for The Screen Savers on TechTV at 5pm.

What I've always felt would be useful would be kind of a daily
find one. Set The Daily Show for 11pm. If it's not listed exactly
at that time or it loses by conflict then try the next showing or
the next. If it does record a showing, stop looking for more. If
it doesn't find a showing within 24hrs then expire and it's time
to start looking for the next day's show.

The same strategy could be applied for a weekslot find one. Record
one showing of this title from 8pm Tuesday through 8pm next Tue.

The same logic in reverse might be useful for having the latest
news in the morning. CNN Headline is repeated every 1/2 hour all
night and SportCenter is repeated every hour in the wee hours.
So record CNNHN daily sometime up to 9am. If there is a conflict
for 8:30-9:00, then try 8:00 (probably the same conflict) then
7:30. At a lower priority, SportCenter by 9am (looks like it would
have to be the 6:00-7:00 showing in this example =).

--  bjm

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