[mythtv] [PATCH] add frame count to recorded database

Wayne Hogue mythtv at chiphead.net
Thu Mar 4 02:44:07 EST 2004

Isaac Richards wrote:

>On Wednesday 03 March 2004 03:12 pm, Wayne Hogue wrote:
>>This patch adds framecnt column to the recorded table.  It updated when
>>the cutlist is updated.  It will aid in transcoding to xvid and
>>calculating video bitrate  based on desired final file size.  Total
>>frame count can be calculated by subtracting the cut frame counts from
>>the total.
>>Also updated the ods.xml to display the currentframe/totalframes under
>>the timedispaly.
>Any reason why the seek table info in recordedmarkup can't be used?
Well first, that assumes the flagging has been done and is completed.  
80% of the programs I have on my drive show the hammer icon (I assume 
that means its working) because flagging has been interupted for some 
reason or another.  However, even when flagging is completed the last 
mark in the recordedmarkup table does not match the last frame of the 
video.  At least in the shows Imlooking at it is generally short 200 or 
so frames.


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