[mythtv] [PATCH] Channel editor : visible setting

Oscar Carlsson oscar.carlsson at home.se
Thu Mar 4 02:22:47 EST 2004

>>JP> This patch adds the visible setting to the channel editor (it was
>>JP> pointed out that it was missing on the user list)
>>JP> You might want to review the label and help text, words ain't my strong
>>JP> point :)
>>I'd make it a "hide" option instead, but maybe that's just me..

JDS> It's been called the visible flag since it went in a while ago.  This 
JDS> patch just adds it to the gui.

Sure,  but the user doesn't have to know what the internal structure looks like,
and I just felt that from a UI perspective a "hide" flag would make more sense.

Like:  "why  wouldn't i want to show this channel if i added it to the database,
of course i want it to be visible"..

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 Oscar                            mailto:oscar.carlsson at home.se

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