[mythtv] Myth Backend Monitor

Shawn Edwards sedwards at theedwards.org
Wed Mar 3 23:44:20 EST 2004

If I may, a small patch to your script.  I don't know if this is 
universal, but it was required to get it working on my backend.

I also changed the $BackendRestart to a @BackendRestart so there could 
be more than one thing required to kill old backends and restart the 
backend (I don't run mythbackend under daemontools, although that's a 
nice way to do it).

Thanks a bunch for this script.

Edward Allen wrote:

> I have written a small perl program that checks to see if mythbackend is 
> running properly once every minute.  It connects to the backend and 
> grabs a schedule.  If the connection times out or if the scheduler is 
> blank, it assumes that something is wrong.  If it fails 3 times in a 
> row, it restarts the backened.
> It is designed to run using DJB's daemontools 
> (http://cr.yp.to/daemontools.html).  It assumes mythtv is also running 
> under daemontools.
> I feel sort of dirty writing this (the backend should not be that 
> unstable), but it seems to work. Some areas of this script can use 
> revision. For example, it currently uses curl to grab the status (if you 
> ask it to).  Any comments would be more than welcome.  I am not a 
> full-time programmer!
> Also, at the end of the script is an early draft of MythTV.pm, a module 
> for working with MythTV.
> If there is interest in this script or MythTV.pm, please let me know.
> Thanks.
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