[mythtv] [BUG] Advanced Recording Screen not getting focus

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Wed Mar 3 21:52:42 EST 2004

> >>From what I remember this bug has been there a long time and even forcing
> > the recording type widget to have focus doesn't seem to work.  Maybe
> > someone else has an idea about this, but I was looking at it again the 
> > other day and didn't see why this is happening.  I always remember having to
> > hit left/right/something to get the focus onto one of the displayed widgets.
> Yeah, it will focus to the buttons but not the combobox. I thought
> it might be a focusPolicy thing but the docs say "setFocus() gives
> focus to a widget regardless of its focus policy...". I set it
> to the upcoming episodes button for now.
> --  bjm

I think I prefer the "broken" way rather than this new way.  Whether it is
"broken" or set to the combobox, you could hit SELECT to accept/close the
screen.  Now you have to change the focus then hit SELECT if I'm
understanding you right.



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