[mythtv] Re:Next Scheduler Patch

Edward Allen edward.allen at whiterunkle.com
Wed Mar 3 18:17:01 EST 2004

On Mar 1, 2004, at 7:31 PM, Bruce Markey wrote:

> I agree with David that after a lot of work and consideration
> of requests, ZERO people gave feedback on the patch :-(. Dozens
> can type 'it has to be done my way' but nobody can type 'make;
> make install'? ;-)

I am new to this list and to mythtv (been using it for 2 mos.).  I am 
quite happy with the new scheduler, and I HAVE noticed a difference.  
Conflict resolution is clear and simple.  Priority settings actually 
seem to do what I want them to do.  The scheduler on .14 needed to be 
fixed, and this is a great step.

One thing I would like to add is a feature requested elsewhere, a 
priority system for recorder cards.  This would be a lot simpler than 
either adding the cards in the right order, or editing the database.  
It would also make it easy to change your priorities.  Perhaps a 
negative priority could be given to a card to reserve it for  Live TV.

FYI:  I have three encoder cards on two machines and I record maybe 10 
hours a day.

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