[mythtv] Next Scheduler Patch

J. Donavan Stanley jdonavan at jdonavan.net
Wed Mar 3 17:34:51 EST 2004

Tako Schotanus wrote:

> Jay Love wrote:
>> I still routinely watch LiveTV even though I've been a Tivo user for 
>> 3 years.  I just can't anticipate everything I want to watch, nor do 
>> I have the time to go through and plan my viewing habits in advance.  
>> That's why Tivo has its Suggestions feature,  which would be nice to 
>> get into Myth eventually. But...
>> What I'm here to talk about is a couple of things that are related to 
>> this thread.  Often when I'm watching LiveTV, I'll find something 
>> mildly entertaining and start watching it.  Then I'll wonder if 
>> there's anything more interesting already recorded.  But in order to 
>> check, I have to exit LiveTV and go to the Recordings screen.  I then 
>> lose whatever I've been wathcing, both the history and whatever is 
>> shown while I'm checking what has been recorded.  I would like to be 
>> able to have the option of having LiveTV always running, and I can 
>> exit out and check the weather or listen to a song and come back and 
>> rewind LiveTV and see what I missed.  This must be a FAQ, because its 
>> how Tivo works, but why can't we have LiveTV always recording to the 
>> ringbuffer even if you're not on the LiveTV screen (or in the 
>> program, rather)?  If the scheduler changes the channel on that tuner 
>> to record something, when that recording is finished, it can just 
>> leave the tuner on that channel and go back to recording to the 
>> ringbuffer.
> Heeey.... that actually sounds quite workable. Never tear down the 
> ringbuffer and never stop recording if you don't have to.
> Of course you could add all kinds of options that would for example 
> stop recording LiveTV if you're not watching it for a long time but 
> that's just details.

I've often wondered if we couldn't keep a ringbuffer around all the 
time.  When we finish recording switch right back over to the ringbuffer 
again.  If you're not using the tuner (i.e. svideo) there's no real 
reason to reset the ring buffer when you change channels even is there?

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