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Carl mythtv at carldunham.com
Wed Mar 3 10:53:57 EST 2004

News is another time live tv is useful, when you JUST CANT WAIT to see what 
gossip is being dished up...

On Wednesday March 3 2004 07:27, Tako Schotanus wrote:
> I hear this a lot on this list but I just don't agree, for a number of
> reasons:
> a) I don't always know what is "good", most things I just encounter by
> accident because while browsing the channels it attracted me more than
> everything else
> b) There are times that there is nothing on that you consider good and
> you're just looking for an alternative to while away the time _now_
> c) Here in The Netherlands the channels all seem to conspire to put
> their best movies on at the same time, and I don't have an unlimited
> number of TV cards, in fact I have only one
> d) I don't have unlimited harddisk space either to just go and record
> everything that I might possibily want to watch
> e) Some TV grabbers only provide the most basic information (title and
> start/end times) and nothing more, making it very difficult to make any
> good decisions about what to record and what not.
> So I don't mind that you and people like you don't need Live TV anymore,
> but don't patronize us by saying that it's only because we haven't seen
> the light yet. :-)
> Cheers,
>  -Tako
> > 100% agree. I think of live TV as A/V test mode. Other than
> > that, I think of using live TV to preserve channel surfing
> > habits as sort of 'training wheels' for new DVR users. Once
> > someone 'gets it' they realize that they can schedule all of
> > the shows they might like to watch. When they turn the TV on,
> > they can choose from any of the shows they think are 'good'
> > rather than channel surfing hoping to find something 'good' on.
> >
> > When designing a bicycle, the training wheels should be sturdy,
> > practical, and well designed but Lance Armstrong will never use
> > them. I like to think of MythTV as a Tour de France DVR with
> > on-going improvements to the training wheels ;-).

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