[mythtv] Next Scheduler Patch

Tako Schotanus quintesse at palacio-cristal.com
Wed Mar 3 05:05:28 EST 2004

Dunno, that seems very counter-intuitive to me.
Let's say yesterday you're partner/kids/whoever was watching some
program on channel A and today you're watching something on channel B
and after 10 minutes you switch to channel A. You rewind a bit and are
suddenly looking at yesterday's programming? Seems mighty weird to me
and not something that most users would expect.

Why not just switch channels and keep appending the new data to the
existing rinigbuffer? Rewinding would just show you switching from one
channel to another exactly the way you just did.

Switching while behind current time would just pop-up a similar message
as it does now, but instead of throwing away the ringbuffer and changing
channels it will just jump to the end of it before changing the channel.

They only thing extra that would be needed is an option to ask thte
system to save the current ringbuffer as a recording so you can keep it
if you suddenly decide that what you're watching was more interesting
than you thought ;-)


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> >> Right, but that doesn't really help because the ringbuffer is
> >> destroyed when the new recording starts. If you started watching
> >> something live from 3:30-4:00 but had time-shifted by 5 minutes,
> >> you might be prompted for the start of a 4:00 recording while you
> >> are in the 25th minute of the show. If you let the recording start,
> >> you will lose the last 5 minutes (the correct solution, 
> for this and
> >> many other reason is to press "R" as soon as you decide to watch
> >> something to the end but it's impossible to convince everyone of
> >> that ;-).
> MZ> Alternatively, things could be improved such that the 
> data in the ringbuffer
> MZ> isn't lost this way (either by allowing the user to 
> finish watching, or
> MZ> converting it into a recording).  Folk seem to want this 
> for other reasons
> MZ> anyway.
> As discussed before, having each channel switch and each new 
> program that starts
> begin a "new" recording (new file) would probably be the best 
> solution. This way
> you'd  be  able  to have channel "history", beeing able to 
> easily save stuff you
> already  watched  and  so on.. Same way as the ringbuffer 
> size, these recordings
> would  have  a  seperate  dir with a maxsize where it starts 
> deleting the oldest
> stuff..
> Would be great :)
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