[mythtv] Re:Next Scheduler Patch

Mark Chou mechou at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 2 20:00:13 EST 2004


I've read your test cases quite carefully prior to any of my emails on 
this thread, quite carefully, I might add.  I suggest you re-read what 
you wrote, preferably with no pre-conceived notions.  There are a number 
of implicit factors, not explicitly stated, and certainly not in one 
document. Just to show how it could be interpreted differently, I'll add 
my own comments:

Bruce Markey wrote:

Earliest showing - if a show has multiple showings, the first showing 
should always be recorded unless (1)it loses in conflict resolution(1).

Earliest showing


With "Reschedule Higher Priorities" turned off, a (2)higher priority(2) 
that could be postponed to a later showing will record even if a lower
priority title will not be recorded as a result. In this example,
Nova at 8pm is marked to record and SportsCenter marked as a conflict:

Title - Subtitle Chan ChID Day Start End S C I O N Pri
American Idol 5 1005 24 20:00-21:00 1 2 2 0 2 1
Nova - "Spies That Fly" 10 1010 24 20:00-21:00 1 1 1 0 1 2
SportsCenter 30 1030 24 20:00-21:00 1 0 0 0 C 0
Nova - "Spies That Fly" 10 1010 25 01:00-02:00 1 0 0 0 E 2

(1) Conflict resolution in the "aggregate" tuner case (taking into 
account all available tuners), or on a specific tuner?
(2) Higher priority?  Where does this "higher" priority come from, 
especially when a mythtv user did not "explicitly" designate a priority? 
  (A "casual" reader would not know that there is an "implicit" priority 
ranking based on the kind of recording, say "one-time" vs. week slot vs. 
"any channel/any time."  A fact which David Engle made clear only a few 
posts prior, way after you published your "test cases" a few posts after 
this thread first started.)

Bruce Markey wrote:

In testing, the conditions that would result in a later showing
occur for less than 2% of the items in even a very heavy schedule. 

Umm, perhaps in *your* testing, but certainly not in mine.  I schedule 
quite a number of programs on PBS, and there are at least 4 distinct PBS 
stations in my area.  Repeats for these programs are a common 
occurrence.  This has (almost) nothing to do with with how heavily you 
schedule recordings on myth, but rather has to do with viewing habits, 
and prevalence of stations that happen to show repeats in your 
geographic area.  I can tell you w/o exaggeration I need to to manually 
override at least 70% of all my recordings, if I use the myth .14 
scheduler logic.

And when the time comes when ATSC/HDTV becomes "fully supported" within 
myth, this problem will only exacerbate.

The intent here is not to brass you off, but to reiterate the need for a 
document that spells all this out, for everyone in mythtvland to have a 
proper grasp of multiple tuner scheduling logic. All the usage 
cases/scenarios documented/explored in one comprehensive document, not a 
scatter-gun approach like we've been dong on this thread, and a prior 


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