[mythtv] Next Scheduler Patch

Oscar Carlsson oscar.carlsson at home.se
Tue Mar 2 15:13:12 EST 2004

>> Also, is there now a way to make recordings prioritize the last card
>> so that it doesn't interrupt LiveTV with "a recording is about to
>> start, what do you want to do" even tho there's another tuner that
>> isn't busy? I saw something about card priority, should I use that?

DE> Nothing's been implemented, but I have been thinking about it.  I
DE> think the way to handle this is have the scheduler treat a card being
DE> used for live TV as unavailable for some amount of time(*).  This will
DE> force it to schedule around the live TV as much as possible.  Then,
DE> have the scheduler make another pass using any live TV cards as a last
DE> resort.

DE> (*)How long should this time be, 30 min., 1 hour, 2 hours, forever?

Wouldn't  it be possible to call a reschedule whenever you leave LiveTV? There's
also  the  issue with using PiP.. What happens if you have the PiP in use when a
recording is supposed to start for instance? Haven't tried it..

But, if that doesn't make sense, I'd say like 15 minutes or even less..

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