[mythtv] Re:Next Scheduler Patch

Mark Chou mechou at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 1 21:06:01 EST 2004


I think you're mistaking concern for interest.  As a myth user, I follow
the dev list and irc channel religiously, and unless I missed something,
there was never a comprehensive explanation how the (new) scheduling
algorithm would work.  Bruce (Markley) did make an attempt to address
specific questions, but to the best of my knowledge no one ever
explained the "usage model," despite pleas and suggestions from others
such as a flow chart.  The message that came across (whether intended or
not) was "It's going to be done our way, take it or leave it."

Keep in mind that most people here probably use mythtv (more or less) in
a production capacity, and unless one understands how a critical process
like multiple tuner conflict resolution works beforehand, there will
definitely be a reluctance to try something that's not clearly understood.

For example, in the "degenerate case" where no programming priority (or
equal priority) is specified, how does multiple tuner conflict
resolution work?   Does it work like myth .14, or more like myth .12?

As a myth user who uses/gets cvs updates at least once every two weeks,
quite frankly the change in schedule conflict resolution between myth
.12 and myth .13 was jarring, to say the least.  This (unexplained)
change just deepens the mystery, without allowing the user to evaluate
the potential trade offs a priori.

While I get the feeling while you and Bruce have given conflict
resolution much thought and work,  quite frankly the rest of the mythtv
user community have no idea what you guys have in mind.  Please help us
catch up.  The "conflict resolution usage model" probably will have to
be included in the myth docs anyway, because if experienced myth
veterans don't understand the implications, then newbies definitely
won't be able to understand it.



David Engle wrote:

Wow, the response to this patch has been, well, non-existent.


That's understandable. I was just expecting quite a bit since the
plans for the changes generated a lot of interest two weeks ago.

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