[mythtv] Re: mythtv-commits Digest, Vol 15, Issue 1

Matt Zimmerman mdz at debian.org
Mon Mar 1 20:54:05 EST 2004

On Mon, Mar 01, 2004 at 04:10:46PM -0500, Joseph A. Caputo wrote:

> On Monday 01 March 2004 12:00, mythtv-commits-request at mythtv.org wrote:
> >------- Changes committed by mdz on Sun Feb 29 21:46:38 2004
> >
> > Modified Files:
> >    in mythtv/libs/libmythtv:
> >         NuppelVideoRecorder.cpp
> > Log Message:
> > FINALLY fix my weird problem with getting the wrong audio channel
> > from a bttv card when switching between inputs by removing code to
> > try to force audio channel 0.
> >
> > I don't know why this was here, but whatever it was is clearly less
> > important than fixing this, because it's been driving me crazy for
> > months.  If it was done to fix a different problem, somebody speak up
> > and maybe we can find a better solution.
> Any idea if this fix applies to ivtv cards as well?  Of course this 
> *would* get fixed right after I pull my bttv card and drop in 2 M-179's 
> (which, btw, exhibit the same problem... switch inputs to SVideo using 
> 'C', get video from SVideo but audio from Tuner0)

No, the ivtv cards don't use that module, and the corresponding one doesn't
seem to be doing anything similar.  Though, I think that some of those cards
support uncompressed capture with v4l as well (i.e., they can look like a
normal bttv card), and if you were using them that way, then yes, they would
suffer from the same problem.

 - mdz

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