[mythtv] Re: Next Scheduler Patch

J. Donavan Stanley jdonavan at jdonavan.net
Mon Mar 1 19:51:28 EST 2004

Dan Morphis wrote:

> David Engel wrote:
>>  It's a feature, not a bug! :)
> It's only a feature if you document it :-)  But I guess now its 
> "documented" :-)
>>  Seriously, the scheduler remembers that the program shouldn't be
>>  recorded so it doesn't keep interrupting your live TV session
>>  everytime something causes a reschedule. If you can come up with
>>  some good heuristics for when to "forget to remember to not record" a
>>  program, I'll try to put them in.
> I wish I had a suggestion for the heuristics. The only thing I can 
> think of is if the user hits 'R' during live tv to always record. (It 
> wouldn't record for me even when I went into live tv and hit 'R')

I would tend to agree.  No matter what has happened before when the user 
says "record this" it should be recorded.  Perhaps delete any "do not 
record" history when the user says record this?

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