[mythtv] developing MythXM module

Eric Macauley macauley at illinoisalumni.org
Mon Mar 1 19:46:57 EST 2004

Damion de Soto wrote:

> Hi Eric,
> I don't know anything about XM/XMPCR radio stuff, does this appear as
> a standard video4linux (Radio Adapter) or v4l2 device ? 

No, it's a pretty simple device.  Basically the USB interface to the 
XMPCR is used as a serial port.  You send simple byte strings which 
constitute some commands (power on/off, change channel, get song info, 
etc.), and in return you get a response.  The XMPCR has a direct audio 
out so it doesn't do anything fancy there.  I basically would want to 
connect my XMPCR directly to my audio receiver, and just use myth to 
change audio channels and see what's currently playing.

> I'd be interested in helping develop a video4linux myth module to play 
> radio from FM tuner cards.
> Could these 2 things be easily combined ? 

I'm not sure.  What I envision for the XM portion is a simple interface 
that has what's playing on the current channel you are listening to, and 
then a scroll window beneath which lists all other channels which you 
can scroll through and select to change the channel.

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