[mythtv] MythMusic "Please Wait" delay

Ed Benckert ed at ebonmists.com
Mon Mar 1 16:30:02 EST 2004

I know it's not the shuffle issue for me, as I had the problem BEFORE I told 
it to shuffle my playlist by default, unless it tries to shuffle it anyway, 
in a non-random order (in other words, not shuffled).

All I know is any kind of database read, or list sorting, by whatever means, 
should not take over 60 seconds on a Celeron 1ghz when the item list is only 
1800 members. Maybe 10+ seconds to get the inital data from the MySQL 
databse if your network is VERY SLOW (my mysql server is on another machine) 
but according to thor, that only happens when mythmusic is opened (and I've 
verified this... using my PHP playlist builder I've modified playlists and 
mythmusic doesnt know about them until you quit back to the main Myth menu 
and re-enter mythmusic... which, for the record, takes no time at all)

I'm at work and my VNC connection to my home machine is god-awful slow today 
so I cant work on it now, but I will be messing with it tonight and see if I 
can find out whats going on. Should be fun, I've never written anything in 
C++ before ;)

Joseph A. Caputo wrote:
> That might be a workaround, but what if I *want* "list as shuffled"?
> The bottleneck is either in the 'tree-building' routine or the widget 
> realization.  If the former, the code needs to be re-worked.  If the 
> latter, then maybe what we need is some sort of list view class that 
> keeps its data model separate from its view model, and only creates UI 
> elements for data elements as they become visible.  Or something like 
> that.
> -JAC
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