[mythtv] MythMusic "Please Wait" delay

Ed Benckert ed at ebonmists.com
Mon Mar 1 14:08:38 EST 2004

Well why the heck does it insist on re-loading that data EVERY time you go 
to the play screen. I know I have about 1800 mp3's but sorting that kind of 
data should take miliseconds, not minutes.

I'm gonna have to seriously look into fixing that code, because right now 
it's HORRIBLY inefficient. I can understand loading/sorting that info once 
when mythmusic loads up, but EVERY time you return to the play screen? Looks 
like it's time for me to learn C++ up from C.

thor wrote:

> On Monday 01 March 2004 11:36, Ed Benckert wrote:
>>When you start the play screen, and it says Please Wait... what the
>>heck is it doing?
> 	It's loading your metadata from the database and/or sorting it into a 
> tree. The metadata and playlist loading routines run in their own 
> thread (started in main.cpp). The playbackbox (where you see Please 
> Wait ...) just keeps asking the playlists/metadata if their finished 
> loading/sorting yet, then draws the music metadata tree when they're 
> done.
> - thor
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