[mythtv] Feature suggestion: status bar on GUI menus (similar asmythosd is for live tv)

Tako Schotanus quintesse at palacio-cristal.com
Mon Mar 1 06:28:57 EST 2004

It would sure interest me! :-)

Your other message about the separation of GUI and information retrieval
sounds good as well.

Maybe one way for the backend to handle background processing would be
great (wasn't there somebody already doing some work on this, or maybe
thor's work could be extended to include more than just media? Dunno).
That would mean a central place where you can ask the system what the
heck it's doing at that particular time. There are times that I'm sure
it is doing something (transcoding, mythfilldatabase, etc) but I have no
way of knowing.


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> Subject: [mythtv] Feature suggestion: status bar on GUI menus 
> (similar asmythosd is for live tv)
> Hi,
> I'd kindly ask if there is any possibility to display similar 
> messages when
> not in live tv mode (menus, mythmusic, ...) as are possible 
> with mythosd on
> live tv.
> I'm connecting mythtv with GPL home automation system 
> Misterhouse and I'm
> already able to notify over mythosd, now I'd like to notify 
> also in other
> modes of mythtv - is it possible ?
> The nicest scenario is to have somekind of common status bar, 
> where all
> other plugins (including external apps) could notify users (ripping
> progression, short weather forecast, current temperature, caller ID,
> remainders, video conference call, ...) ? Does this interest 
> enough users to
> be implemented ?
> Regards,
> Robert.
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