[mythtv] MythVideo + removable media question

gLaNDix (Jesse Kaufman) glandix at lloydnet.org
Tue Jun 29 12:01:43 EDT 2004

before i switched to myth, i messed around with freevo some and one feature 
that i really liked was the ability to pop in a DVD-R with a number of divx 
movies on it, be able to browse to it in the video player and select those 
movies without having to alt+tab out or anything.  i noticed in the latest 
release there is an auto-detection for removable media, but is it possible to 
add the mount path for the DVD drive to the paths looked for movies in 

also, is it possible to provide more than one path for MythVideo to search?  i 
want to setup Myth to record tv shows to the local machine (for performance), 
but i have a file server (mounted at /mnt/<hostname>) that stores all of my 
full-length movies.  is it possible for myth to look in both places?  when i 
copy a dvd w/ MythDVD i also use the local drive and would like them to show 
up as well.

i noticed in one of the other modules it allowed you to have multiple paths 
separated with a ':' or ';' (forgive me, i don't recall what the separator 
was or which module it was and i'm currently at work)... a solution like this 
would be great.

forgive me if this already exists and i just haven't seen it or if the feature 
has already been requested.


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