[mythtv] Can't we use Bugzilla on mythtv.org to keep things a bitmore structured?

Lucas Meijer lucas at mach8.nl
Mon Jun 28 18:02:57 EDT 2004

Ronald van Eijck wrote:

> Morton wrote:
>>Heh! What an avalanche I have started here!
>>That's what people are saying. Strange that nobody else has has anything
>>to say on this, when it contributes to the good of the whole
>>application. (Branch, anyone?! -- ehhh ehhh...) ;-p
> I'm in favour of a bugzilla aswell. I'm reading this list for a couple
> of months now and the thing that that stands out most is the 
> 'god attitude' of the core developers. I'm a software engineer
> in my day job and hate testers just as much as every other
> programmer but time and time again testers and their structured
> way of testing and reporting bugs, making issue lists prioritizing
> bugs and feature requests contribute a lot to a project. They are
> the ones that make sure the system is more usable and stable.
> Using bugzilla is just a next step in the maturity of the project.
> The words I keep reading here are 'looking forward to your
> patch'. That might be a good method but I think that being
> more open to newcommers and not shutting the door in
> their face might actually benefit the project. These newcommers
> might one day add that wonderfull feature that the 'gods'
> had never thought about but will gladly use like all other
> users.

Couldn't agree more.

Another software developer by day - mythuser by night.

Bye, Lucas

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