[mythtv] [PATCH] Some PIP options

Stefan Ernst ml at ernx.de
Sun Jun 27 07:26:23 EDT 2004

>>This patch adds some options for the PIP window.
>>1) PIP starts with the same channel shown in the main window.

> This may not always be desirable.  Both tuners being used may not have
> access to the same channels...

Then the PIP window should behave the same as without the patch.

>>2) After closing PIP the main window is switched to the
>>    channel the PIP had shown.

> Isn't that functionality already there in some form?  I mean, switching
> the active window will accomplish this...

But that needs an additional key press :-)
And I don't have enough keys on my remote control to put the
"switch active window" function on it.

Perhaps I should mention, that by default the behavior of the PIP window 
is not changed. You have to enable it in the configuration dialog.

If both is enabled, the PIP window just follows my habit of using it.
"Open PIP" as a matter of "minimizing the current channel into the PIP"
and "Close PIP" as "maximizing that channel".


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