[mythtv] Question about playback

Dudley Atkinson dudley at jdatkinson.net
Fri Jun 25 12:13:39 EDT 2004

I suppose it depends on what you're after.  I don't want to timeshift
necessarily.  I see the utility of it though.  Buffering to/from disk
affects the quality of the video somewhat, at least on my system.  I have a
fast DMA-working HD with good hdparm characteristics, but the throughput
isn't perfectly clean from source to output.  I'm looking for things to tune
that will improve it.....

For me the whole point is recording and watching when I want to, without the
commercials if possible.  I'll work on the live tv tuning to improve
(perfect?) the quality with the buffering too.


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On Friday 25 June 2004 11:08 am, Dudley Atkinson wrote:
> I'm digging into the playback code.  Can someone give me a short synopsis
> of the sequence of events that occurs when a playback is selected in
> mythfrontend?  It isn't as simple as cat>/dev/video0......
> Also, why is LiveTV buffered to/from disk when a PVR-350 card is present?
> Is it because it hasn't been coded yet?  I'd like to have the system
> encode/decode cards and skip the buffering - just pipe the input straight
> to the output?

Because the whole point of using mythtv is timeshifting?

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