[mythtv] DVB: Teletext & Subtitles

Pekka Ahmavuo pekka at netland.fi
Thu Jun 24 03:46:10 EDT 2004

Lainaus Kenneth Aafl°y <ke-aa at frisurf.no>:

> Hi!
> Had a huge problem today; wanted to watch a japanese movie, but then came to
> the conclusion that I couldn't watch it on my Myth box, and had to drag out
> an old receiver and hook it up first. Now that's lame.
> I started reading through my archive of docs, but could not find a clear 
> description of how the subtitle and teletext data is coded. Has someone 
> encountered such documentation? If so, could you point me in the right 
> direction, please?

You may want to check Dave Chapman's dvbsub tools,

The tools support both dvb and teletex subtitles. 


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