[mythtv] cle266 XvMC support?

Daniel Thor Kristjansson danielk at cat.nyu.edu
Wed Jun 23 21:38:16 EDT 2004

]> It's _not_ straight XvMC. Probably wouldn't be that hard to switch
]>to, though.  I certainly won't be the one touching that code,
]>though. =)
]That's true, the standard "MOCOMP" and "IDCT" are not supported but only
]a non-standard "VLD" higher level of acceleration. I'm sorry you feel
]this way, maybe I'll have a look myself if I can find the time.

It might be worth it to fix the driver to support IDCT acceleration
rather than change libffmpeg to support this "VLD" acceleration. Perhaps
it's just a matter of initializing some matricies?

This does look like it's moving in the right direction though. If I had
a via I would probably concentrate on getting the XvMC support to work
well enough that I could just link libXvMCVIA.so instead of
libXvMCNVIDIA.so... Then it would make sense to look at streamlining
this in MythTV.

-- Daniel

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