[mythtv] Home Automation Module

Joe Thielen joe at joethielen.com
Wed Jun 23 21:18:13 EDT 2004

Hello out there in MythTV land!

I the author of DRACONi Automation, a GPL'd web-based home automation 
interface to several home automation controllers and media players.

Someone on our forum mentioned it'd be cool to have this built as a 
module for MythTV.   After taking a look at the MythTV website and 
instantly deciding it was worthy :), I now need to investigate how hard 
is would be to create a MythTV module.  I've looked at the 
documentation, but can't find any info on creating a module.  I did a 
quick search on the list, and basically everything says to read the code.

While I agree that's basically the best bet, I'm wondering if there is a 
quicker way?  Has anyone created a simple 'template' module that I can 
look at and build upon?

Now, I don't have MythTV running, basically right now I'm investigating 
how hard this is going to be.  I think it'd be AWESOME to have a home 
automation interface in MythTV.  I've got PHP programming experience as 
well as some very old limited C++ experience.  What is MythTV written 
in, and can modules be written in any language, or do they need to be 
written in the same language?

Anyway, that's where I'm at.  Any hints to the right direction would be 
greatly appreciated!

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