[mythtv] [ANNOUNCE] torrentocracy = rss + bit torrent + myth

Gary Lerhaupt gary at lerhaupt.com
Tue Jun 22 19:43:25 EDT 2004

> I've got plenty of bandwidth for the site, no worries there. =)

Cool, glad to hear it.  Overall bandwidth is pretty cheap these days
and had my hosting providers not set my "max_clients" 10, my site would
have been available throughout.

> If you had bothered searching the lists for (very many) previous times when 
> people had suggested P2P integration in Myth, you would have seen why I 
> disagree with putting something in like that.  There's a large difference 
> between the existing grey area parts of myth (which require the user to 
> provide the content externally) and integrating content distribution into 
> myth.

This holds only if you don't consider that MythTV in itself is just a
content distribution system (from your cable provider).  I similarly
only seek to help people find legal content. The difference is I help to
provide this via ethernet as opposed to cable (all in all, I understand
what you're getting at, but I just don't see it the same way as you).

> Is most of the downloadable content you're linking to useable directly within 
> Myth, without any user intervention?  If not, then, what's the point?  Isn't 
> it rather useless to download stuff that you have to [process/unarchive/etc] 
> manually or on another machine?

Currently, no, but only because the other plugins don't know where the
content is.  However, soon it will be.  This can either be accomplished
by intelligently transferring completed content from
/var/lib/torrentocracy/complete/ to either the MythVideo or MythAudio
directory.  Or, it can be accomplished by having MythVideo and MythAudio
also look in the /complete directory for content.  Since the end product
of a torrent is ready to use media, its just a simple copy and rescan.


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