[mythtv] [ANNOUNCE] torrentocracy = rss + bit torrent + myth

Isaac Richards ijr at po.cwru.edu
Mon Jun 21 10:50:00 EDT 2004

On Thursday 17 June 2004 03:04 pm, Gary Lerhaupt wrote:
> I have taken Renchi Raju's mythnews plugin, revamped the GUI
> (borrowing from mythweather, adding a second page), and added
> enclosure parsing/downloading to enable bit torrent downloads from
> Myth.  I am calling this project Torrentocracy.

If you can think of a _better_ way to get this project shut down, I'd be 
interested in hearing it.  Thanks for the Slashdot story, too.  Now Myth is 
going to be associated with illegal p2p crap for anyone who read it.


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