[mythtv] Re: [mythtv-commits] mythtv commits

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Sat Jun 19 14:20:26 EDT 2004

mythtv at cvs.mythtv.org wrote:
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Changes committed by jdonavan on Sat Jun 19 14:39:18 2004
> Modified Files:
>    in mythtv/libs/libmyth:
>         managedlist.cpp managedlist.h 
>    in mythtv/libs/libmythtv:
>         libmythtv.pro scheduledrecording.cpp scheduledrecording.h 
>         sr_items.cpp sr_items.h sr_root.cpp sr_root.h 
>    in mythtv/themes/blue:
>         ui.xml 
> Log Message:
> Theme designers take note:  This update will prevent  users of your theme from acessing the advnaced recording options screen until you release an update.  The CVS versions of GANT and Blue have been updated as has Titivillus (at: http://www.jdonavan.net/myth)
> With this commit the new "advanced" recording option screen
> will not be compiled and used.

Will not be or will be? ;-)

I'm seeing a segfault when clicking Add Override on a search
item. It bombs out in setProgram almost surely because the
proginfo probably hasn't been set at that point.

#2  0x4025146f in ScheduledRecording::setProgram (this=0x8490600,
    proginfo=0x0) at scheduledrecording.cpp:638

To reproduce: Go to Search Listings->Keywords to choose or add
a phrase that matches current listings. Press "M" and click "Record".
Go to Fix Scheduling Conflicts and highlight an item that matches
the search rule. Press Enter and click "Add Override".

Clicking "Don't record" and "Record anyway" also dump but "Edit
Options" succeeds and appears to be correct.

--  bjm
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