[mythtv] ivtv, pal and mythtv

Julian Tyler lovely at crm114.net
Thu Jun 10 16:19:39 EDT 2004

On 11/06/2004, at 1:36 AM, Isaac Richards wrote:

> On Thursday 10 June 2004 06:37 am, Julian Tyler wrote:
>> What are the problems with be able to change the resolution of the
>> recored files from the ivtv device, because i'm sick to death of 
>> having
>> a black bar at the bottom of the screen where the extra lines of
>> vertical resolution should be.
>> So what are the problems with have 576 lines instead of 480. Why
>> doesn't myth capture setting actual change the specs of the ivtv
>> device.
> It does.

All i know is that i've set the all 4 of the profiles in recording 
profiles to be 720x576.
I still get black bar at the bottom of the screen and it the recorded 
If i set the standard with ivtvctl/test_ioctl, to 720x576, and cat 
/dev/video0 > /dev/video16
then i get full screen, no black bar.
If start watching live tv and run ivtvctl/test_ioctl i get

         Type   : Video Capture
         Width  : 480
         Height : 480

am i missing something ? does any body else have this problem (pal 


> Isaac
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