[mythtv] suggestion for rewinding in mythtv

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Wed Jun 9 14:10:19 EDT 2004

Tako Schotanus <quintesse at palacio-cristal.com> writes:

> Derek Atkins wrote:
>     As an example -- my wife has been watching the WGBH Auction -- it's a
>     live program requiring real-time phone-in, so there is very little
>     reason to record it (but lots of reasons to pause, rewind, and then
>     catch up again).  Yes I still have other programs scheduled for
>     recording, so it would be nice to tell the system to go record them on
>     different input cards and leave me in livetv.
> I agree, but this is an entirely different issue. The question was why the
> ringbuffer is cleared when changing channels while your's has to do with the
> scheduler not being able to adjust to the fact that the tuner it wants is occupied
> while another tuner is still available.

Of course..  But this was in response to your suggestion that the
channel-change warning can go away.  I was pointing out that no, it
can't (nor should it).

> So yes, in that particular circumstance the message is still usefull (although
> personally I think the scheduler should first see if it can just switch the program
> to the other tuner without any conflicts, but if that's too much work I would be
> just as happy with your suggestion).

I would certainly be happy with the scheduler being smarter and
auto-adjusting the recordings around livetv, too..  But again, we're
talking about two separate issues, the ringbuffer clear and the livetv

> Cheers,
>  -Tako


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