[mythtv] Channel change in EPG question

Oscar Carlsson oscar.carlsson at home.se
Tue Jun 8 13:43:24 EDT 2004

>> That would allow for a more intuitive way to select the channel, but
>> doesn't SELECT currently bring up a recording options menu?  I don't
>> want to eliminate that functionality.  I just want the ability to select
>> the channel for live TV to be more intuitive.  I think "P" is a good
>> choice not because it is mapped to PAUSE but because, on my remote
>> at least, it is mapped to both PAUSE and PLAY.  Correct me if I am
>> wrong, but isn't this the normal mapping for most people?
> A month or so ago I made a suggestion that has been implemented. If you
> press SELECT on a show that is currently on it will change to that 
> channel. If you press SELECT on a future show it will bring up the 
> recording dialog. If you want to record a show that is currently on you
> can just press 'R' to start recording it.

Or use 'info'.

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