[mythtv] Channel change in EPG question

Harry Orenstein ho_9 at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 7 17:29:03 EDT 2004

I have looked in the archives for both this list
and the -users list and could not find that this
problem has been brought up before (though
I wouldn't guarantee that it hasn't):

Somewhere between 0.14 and 0.15 the pop-
up menu was added and the key mapped to
bring up the EPG was changed from "M" to "S".
This means that when you hit "S" to bring up
the EPG and want to change to a channel you
have chosen in the EPG you now need to press
"M".  This seems counter-intuitive.  Originally
you had to press "M" because "M" was used to
access the EPG (I guess the rationale was "M"
to get in and "M" to select a channel and exit).

Since the pop-up menu was added and you can
now also get into the EPG by pressing "M" and
then selecting the option from the pop-up.  In
effect this means you can get to the EPG by
not pressing a specific key at all (OK, "space" or
"enter"), so there really is no "reciprocal" key
in this case.

I would like to propose that the key to change
to the selected channel in the EPG be changed
to the "P" key (play, i.e.: play what is on this
channel).  I don't think this key currently has
any assigned function in the EPG and it seems
like a more intuitive choice (also, I'm pretty
sure most people should have "P" mapped on
their remote).

I hope some of you (Isaac, Bruce, J. Donovan)
will comment.  Any feedback will be greatfully
accepted.  If the concensus is favorable for this
small change I will submit a patch.

-- Harry O.

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