[mythtv] mythbackend problems || Live TV Green

Eric Hattemer eric at hattenator.dyndns.org
Thu Jun 3 19:04:10 EDT 2004

Eric Hattemer wrote:

> Isaac Richards wrote:
>> Try turning off VBI support (run the setup program, general section, 
>> 3rd page, set VBI format to 'None' and continue through the rest of 
>> that settings section to 'finish').
>> Isaac
This seems to have fixed it as long as its not run under gdb.  When it 
runs in gdb, it mysteriously disapears (gdb says no threads to debug), 
and "Couldn't get registers: no such process", and the frontned 
complains about sockets:
QSocketDevice::writeBlock: Invalid socket
date Error writing stringList
Rmote encoder not responding.

But because its seems to be gdb causing that, and I don't need to debug 
it if it isn't having problems, I think we can probably ignore this.  
Let me know if you want me to do something about this gdb problem or 
make a strace or something. 

-Eric Hattemer

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