[mythtv] DVD collection plug-in?

Martin Moeller martin at martinm-76.dk
Thu Jun 3 17:08:22 EDT 2004

ons, 2004-05-12 kl. 16:42 skrev Mike Schoenmakers:
> Hi,
> I'm kinda new to this, so hopefully this is the right way to get some
> answers.
> One of the things I like to have in combination with MythTV is a way to
> browse through my own DVD collection on screen. MythVideo does provide
> something like this, but does not entirely match my needs. Anyhow, what I'm
> planning to do is write my own plug-in for it. Most important for me is easy
> browsing through my entire collection or just a single genre in the fastest,
> friendliest way. Additional per title some information about the move and a
> picture of it (for which I can use the MythVideo code), personal information
> like my own rating or where the DVD is stored etc and later on maybe even
> more data of the DVD itself. (automaticly retreived for some online
> database)
Although not MythTV related, have you tried videodb?

It's really quite impressive (although I have had to look up the imdb
number lately in stead of using the build in imdb browser). You get nice
thumbnails for all the movies, lists of actors (huuuuuuuuuge lists) with
pictures if available and you can keep VHS, MythTV movies and other
stuff in there also. Check the screenshots. Comments ratings and
location are implemented.

It doesn't really integrate with mythtv but it supplements it nicely.
I have entered my DVDs, VHSs, MythTv movies, etc. into it and now have a
nice overview of what I have and have not watched (and boy is there a
lot I have not watched :)), a borrowing interface, genre statistics,
media statistics and more.

Food for thought.

If nothing else it can inspire something similar in a myth module.

> Anyhow, before I start this raises a few questions:
> - Is someone already working on something like this?
> - Is it already discussed before? Maybe other people had good input, because
> input is always welcome.
> - It's possible to alter the MythVideo plugin, or write an entire new one.
> When altering it, how can I get the latest version of MythVideo, to minimize
> any code conflicts later on.
> Anyhow, I just started on this thing, went through some code of both MythTv
> and MythVideo (just felt like a code review ;-)) and I'm now writing down
> some ideas and layouts. Guess I'm currently in the EPS phase, so this is the
> time for suggestion and other specifications.. ;-)) So hopefully I can get
> some answers to my questions any time soon.
> Regards
> Mike
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