[mythtv] Newby Questions For Digital Nova-T card and MythTV

Charlie Brej brejc8 at vu.a.la
Tue Jul 27 05:51:14 EDT 2004

George Styles wrote:
> 1. On 'Watch Live TV' When it tunes to a channel which is not broadcasting
> at the moment, the backend throws a fit. It keeps trying at 1/2 second
> intervals to find a video stream, but fails. Eventually it gives up and
> kicks you out of live tv. This is fine, except a) it causes a long delay
> before you get control back and b) next time you want to watch live tv, it
> defaults to this channel, and does the same thing again, so you have to use
> mysql to correct the default channel.

That is a pain. Make sure all channels have a pid for both the video and audio. 
It cannot be set to 0. Tzap accepts them as 0 but myth doesn't. Most channels 
recycle the pids so the channel simply transmits the wrong channel if you 
watching it at the wrong time (e.g. bbc3 and cbbc). You may need to run scan 
several times at different times of the day to get all the channels with their 
ids. (have a look at zap2myth)

> 2. When I try to record a program with just sound (in the UK we get the
> radio stations broadcast on DVB-T) the backend segfaults. If i run it again,
> before the scheduled recording has finished, it tries to carry on the
> recording and segfaults again. I would love MythTV to support streams which
> are audio only.

Again the prob is that myth trys to tune to stream 0 which doesnt exist. I did 
read about people who simply chose another stream video stream on the same 
multiplex and bundled it with that. Then just ignore the video.

> 4. When watching live tv on the frontend, is there any way to jump straight
> to a channel? that way I could avoid channels I know are not broadcasting.
> at the moment, the only method I know is to use up/down arrows to move
> through them 1 at a time.

Yeah, just type in the channel number (chanid). As a reference here is what I 
insert into mysql.

REPLACE INTO dvb_channel (chanid, serviceid, networkid, providerid, transportid, 
frequency, inversion, symbolrate, fec, polarity, satid, modulation, bandwidth, 
lp_code_rate, transmission_mode, guard_interval, hierarchy, pmtcache) VALUES (1, 
4168, NULL,NULL,NULL, 754166670, 'a', NULL, '3/4', 'h', 0, 'qam_16', '8', '3/4', 
'2', '1/32', 'n', NULL);
REPLACE INTO dvb_pids (chanid, pid, type, lang) VALUES (1, 600, 'v', '');
REPLACE INTO dvb_pids (chanid, pid, type, lang) VALUES (1, 601, 'a', '');
REPLACE INTO channel (chanid, channum, freqid, sourceid, callsign, name, icon, 
finetune, videofilters, xmltvid, recpriority, contrast, brightness, colour, hue, 
tvformat, commfree, visible) VALUES (1, '1', '', 1, 'BBC ONE', 'BBC ONE', 
'/usr/share/mythtv/icons/tv/bbc1.gif', NULL, '', 'north-west.bbc1.bbc.co.uk', 0, 
32768, 32768, 32768, 32768, 'Default','0', '1');

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